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Smart Building - EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

EcoStruxure Building Operation delivers the actionable insights needed to better manage and optimize buildings, improve engineering efficiency, and meet increased cybersecurity and compliance needs.

Part of EcoStruxure

Smart buildings demand simple integration across systems and easy access to IoT devices. EcoStruxure Building Operation’s open & secure integration framework allows collaboration across third-party systems to create innovative custom solutions. The platform natively supports standard open protocols out-of- the-box. Future ready buildings ensure new technology expansions deploy easily all while: maximizing building efficiency, optimizing comfort & productivity, and increasing building value.

Smart Building - EcoStruxure™ Building Operation
  • Features

    EcoStruxure Building is the open innovation platform of buildings – a collaborative IoT solution that is scalable, secure and global to create smart and future-ready buildings. It ensures customers’ smart buildings are even more connected, hyper-efficient, truly sustainable, and always simple.
    EcoStruxure Building Operation seamlessly facilitates the secure exchange of data from both Schneider Electric and third-party energy, lighting, HVAC, fire safety, security, and workplace management systems while leveraging digitization and big data.
    Our IP-enabled software (and hardware) address the entire building ecosystem with easy integration of devices, other building systems, and cloud services, delivering the performance and data-throughput needed for small buildings to large, complex multi-site enterprises.
    EcoStruxure Building Operation delivers:

    • A truly mobile experience: access building data anytime, anywhere on smartphones, tablets or laptops
    • Visibility into large campuses and global enterprise in one convenient view
    • Time- and labor-saving features to increase operational efficiency

    EcoStruxure Building Video

    The drive for insights-based management has increased significantly as the IoT connects more devices within buildings. EcoStruxure Building Operation and its next generation visualization tools enable customers to better manage and optimize building assets with better insight, more engineering efficiency, and increased cybersecurity and compliance certifications.
    Exciting new software features include: Enhanced Dashboards & Visualization Tools, Data Storage, and Engineering Efficiencies & Tools.


    A truly open, end-to-end IP solution to maximize opportunities in today’s data-intensive modern buildings; IP delivers:

    • Faster, more reliable communication
    • Higher bandwidth for more data-throughput
    • Easier support; lower deployment and operation costs
    • Greater architecture design flexibility
    • Access to cloud and connected service offers

    Exceptional user experience with anytime, anywhere access to increase efficiency and convenience

    • Personalized user interfaces and dashboards
    • Attractive, scalable vector graphics
    • Comprehensive reports, trends, alarms, notifications & schedules 

    Data management and visualization tools to make smarter insight-based decisions

    • Customizable charts and graphs to convey massive amounts of data to broad audiences
    • Built-in dashboards for easier monitoring and speedier decision making
    • Access to data directly within EcoStruxure Building Operation without need for third-party tools
    • More information stored and accessed; unlimited historical information migrated to external Timescale Database

    Engineer and commission faster than ever before

    • Multi-version support to upgrade systems all at once or over time piece-by-piece
    • Standard, configurable applications eliminate the need to design and build an application from the ground up
    • More than 30 applications included to easily integrate with the new Connected Room Solution
    • New semantic tagging functionality makes future software development easier

    Ensure systems remain current with standards and performance requirements

    • New 64-bit architecture meets higher performance requirements, especially in large deployments
    • Product development follows a Secure Development Lifecycle process


    HVAC Control
    Lighting Control
    Energy Management
    Fire Safety
    Security & Access Control
    Workplace Management Systems
    Compatible with Schneider Electric or third-party building systems


    • EcoStruxure Building Operation Dashboard
    • EcoStruxure Building Operation Dashboard

EcoStruxure™ for Your Business

EcoStruxure lets you thrive in today's digital world. Make better business decisions with scalable and converged IT/OT solutions.

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