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Switch to green microgrids

The energy landscape is shifting with the development of greener microgrids that replace fossil fuel-based generation with renewable solutions. Watch this webinar to discover solutions that enable this transformation today.
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Rethinking sustainability

EUREF-Campus in Berlin shows that sustainability is feasible and affordable with EcoStruxure.

What does it take to create Buildings of the Future?

Build new or modernise with innovative solutions and services that prioritise sustainability, resiliency, efficiency, and people — build it for life, today.
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The Challenge
Sustainable energy and networked mobility.

• Transform the EUREF-Campus into a leader in energy and mobility transformation
• Set up innovative solutions for building automation, energy savings, energy management and transportation transformation.
• Allow the EUREF-Campus to outstrip the German government’s 2050 climate targets.
The Solution
Efficiency and sustainability with EcoStruxure

Apps, Analytics & Services: EcoStruxure Resource Advisor, EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor (coming soon) 
Edge Control: EcoStruxure Building Operation, EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 

• A smart microgrid based on: solar, wind, biogas combined heat as well as power plants, Li-Ion batteries, Lead-Acid batteries and Power-to-Heat and Power-to-Cool storage technologies

• 1 SCADA system to regulate, control and visualise the microgrid

• Integrated building management system for five new office buildings

• One energy management system for each building and for the connected Campus

• E-mobility +70 charging points and one bidirectional for public E-bus
The Results
EUREF-Campus, a model for energy efficiency

• Since 2012, with the total renewable energy generated by the smart microgrid,
- 2.000 t of CO2 are being saved per year, which equals a forest the size of about 350 soccer fields
- An electric vehicle could drive around the world 8 times per year using only our generated power
- The green energy generated on the EUREF-Campus over 1 year could power the city of Berlin for 1 hour.

• New buildings on the Campus consume significantly less energy than other office buildings Seven received top awards for environmental design (two still under construction)

Reinhard Müller, CEO of EUREF AG

Customer Testimonial
"At the EUREF-Campus, the German government’s climate targets for 2050 have already been met – this would not have been possible without the smart solutions from Schneider Electric.”

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