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Indriati hospital case study

IoT EcoStruxure™ at Indriati Hospital Ensures Reliability
Find out how IoT solutions from Schneider Electric are working behind the scenes at Indriati Hospital, providing them with integrated solutions and reliable experts. Making Indriati hospital a safer, more comfortable and able to deliver world-class health services for everyone.

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Minimizes power disruptions and gain control of hospital infrastructure energy management to ensure patient safety while boosting overall operational efficiency.


Not only does EcoStruxure’s innovative solutions tackled the major power outages problem for Indriati Hospital, but it has also improve patient’s experience and operational efficiency


EcoStruxure Power Solution through UPS and isolation transformers ensures the availability of power, while EcoStruxure Building Operations with BMS EcoXpert™ creates efficiency and improved services.


• Manageable downtime in critical areas due to power outage, ensuring patient safety
• Optimized energy usage throughout the infrastructure
• Potentially saving up to USD 30,000 per year in energy and operation costs.
“EcoStruxure Building helps us to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. With these advantages, we can focus more on improving our productivity and service excellence to our patients.”
– Andrew Santoso, Chief Operation Officer, Indriati Hospital
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