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1. What is Building Information Modelling?

Building Information Modelling is a highly efficient process used by engineers, real estate developers, architects, contractors, manufacturers, and other construction professionals. BIM Modeling helps them design and plan a 3D structure of any building before executing their construction ideas and designs.

2. What is a BIM library?

Schneider Electric aims to create the best possible solutions for your convenience. Whether you are an architect, engineer, or contractor working on a BIM design project, our BIM library is here to support your dreams. Constructing a building is a long journey that requires a lot of planning and proficiency. Recently, Schneider Electric introduced a new BIM library that provides direct access to all the devices you may need to achieve quality results. Incorporating Autodesk Revit models of medium and low voltage electrical equipment in your project’s design helps optimize your building’s construction.

3. Why is Building Information Modelling important?

Building Information Modelling serves as an end goal and brings together a shared vision for everyone working on the idea. The process helps the team explore design options, create visualizations, and develop design documentation. Today, almost everyone chooses BIM construction as it is a smart way to set long-term and short-term goals for a construction project. BIM management prevents misunderstanding, ensures easy communication, effortlessly manages data, gets thorough data information, and controls deliverables from one centralized location. This ensures ideal prefabrication and modular construction technology that ultimately reduces waste, labor, and material costs. Schneider Electric is well equipped to deliver quality devices and services that aid the overall efficiency of every person working on the site.