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FAQ Pencarian

Are the ION8650/8600 meters capable of supplying power over RS-232?

In some applications, a RS-232 to fiber optic converters draws power directly from the host device’s RS-232 pins 

Product Line
ION 8650/8600

RS-232 serial connection on COM1

Before we begin let’s define the standard voltage levels that constitute the logical states required for data transmission(TD and RD) as well as the control signal voltages ( RTS/CTS, DTR)
Data transmission Voltages levels (TD or RD)Logical state
-3 to -25 V1
+3 to +25 V0
Control  Signal Voltage levels (RTS/CTS or DTR)Logical state
-3 to -25 VOFF
+3 to +25 VON
                                          Data Transmission Voltage Levels                                                                         Control Signals Voltage Levels

The ION meters act as Data terminal Equipment (DTE) and it can initiate a data transfer by placing the RTS in the ON state.  Some circuits can be powered off the RS-232 using the DTR, RTS and the TD output lines off the ION 8650/8600 meters. The TD pin is typically set to logic 1 when