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FAQ Pencarian

What is the replacement for the Magelis XBTGT5330 HMI?

Magelis XBTGT5330 replacement

Product Line

Obsolete product

The Magelis XBTGT5330 HMI can be replaced by either the HMIGTO5310 or (HMIDT542 + HMIG3U). Here are details for the substitution replacements: 

Substitution of XBTGT5330 to HMIGTO5310: 
---VijeoDesigner applications are 100 % compatible 
---The cut-out is identical. 
---Screen resolution limited to VGA. 
---The communication ports are identical except on COM1 , no RS422-RS485 signal only RS232C For RS422-RS485 link , use a cables with converter like TSXPCX1030 for Schneider Twido/Premium PLC or XBTZ980+XBTZG919 for Mitsubishi FX PLC 
---Same certifications. 
---No support of SoMachine PLC functions 
---No extension Bus for Fieldbus modules ( Profibus , DeviceNet , CANopen ) 
---Only one USB port Host type A 
---No auxiliary interface for speaker or alarm output 
---Better Screen color TFT LED 65K , More Flash Memory , addition mini-USB Device port and use of SD card slot. 


Substitution of XBTGT5330 to HMIDT542 + HMIG3U 
---VijeoDesigner applications are 100 % compatible. 
---The cut-out is identical 
---Screen resolution SVGA. 
---The serial communication ports are identical but COM1 Subd9 RS422/R232C becomes the COM2 and the COM2 RJ45 RS485 becomes the COM1 
---Ethernet port with higher speed and with a second port 
---Same certifications. 
---Possible Extension Bus for Fieldbus modules ( Profibus , DeviceNet , CANopen ) 
---No support of SoMachine PLC functions 
---Same auxiliary interface for speaker or alarm output