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How do I know my Ecostruxure Power Commission(EPC) to Facility Expert(FE) transfer is Success/Failure

EcoStruxure Power Commission (EPC) 2.21 and later versions give a status on transfer to Facility Expert when a project is shared.
1) Once transfer button is pressed, it gives you the pop up that it will take 2 to 3 minutes to upload to Facility Expert along with the email Id to which the Switchboard or assets are shared
2) Once you press OK on the pop up, you see the share button in Orange color (indicating it as 'In progress')
3) User can also see "Manufacturing completed" message
4) After 2 to 3 minutes, you can see the green color for the share button and you should be able to receive the assets in FE
5) If there is some error,  the share button changes color to red with a message "Unsuccessful. Please retry".
By clicking on this message, it should take you to actual error message on what went wrong
Attention: NAM users cannot see the “Manufacturing completed” button or status

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