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Why my ViewX cannot connect to the server and the following communication error appears “Exception of type “ClearSCADA.Client.SecureSessionRequiredException” was thrown."

ViewX client fails to communicate with the server and the following error appears “ClearSCADA.Client.SecureSessionRequiredException”.

ViewX error

One of the common causes of ViewX client not able to connect to the server with error “ClearSCADA.Client.SecureSessionRequiredException” Is that the secure connection is set to false.

A workaround is to edit SYSTEMS.XML manually and change the secure field to "true". The folder can be located by default as follows C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA. Please make sure to close ViewX client and shut down the server before editing the SYSTEMS.XML file.

XML file location

Change SecureConnection= “false” to “true” as indicated below.

Change secure connection tab to true
Once the editing is completed, save the changes and restart the ViewX client.

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