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AccuSine SWP

The solution for harmonic filtering in buildings


AccuSine SWP
  • Fitur

    • Global compensation or individual harmonic compensation, from H2 to H50, global or selective
    • Reactive compensation: power factor correction, cos φ to near unity, selectable set point.
    • Electrical systems: 3-wire or 4-wire.
    • Neutral current correction: 3 times unit rating.
    • Product standards: CE Certified.
    • Parallel capability: up to 4 like units.
    • Enclosure type: IP20, wall mounted.
    • Communication: 3 dry (voltage free) contacts to monitor status from remote location; Standard RS422/485 link for J-Bus and Modbus.
    • Functionality: harmonic mitigation or power factor correction, separately or combined.
    • Human Machine Interface: graphic display, seven languages.

    Technical Data

    • System input
      • Nominal voltage: 400 V -20 + 15%; other voltages with transformer
      • Nominal frequency: 50Hz, 60 Hz, +/-8%
    • Number of phases: 3 phases with or without neutral


    • Technical characteristics
      • Compensated harmonic currents: H2 to 50, full compensation or individual compensation.
      • Fast response at < 2 cycles
      • Overload: possibility of continuous operation with current limitation. 


    • Environmental conditions
      • 0 °C to 40 °C continuous (derate 2 %/1 °C to 50 °C)
      • Relative humidity: 0 to 95 % without condensation
      • Operating altitude: < 1000 m, (derate 1 %/100 m above)
      • Reference technical standards: IEC/EN


    • SineWave is extremely compact. It can be wall-mounted or installed in a switchgear cubicle;
    • SineWave can be connected in parallel, allowing future increases in power demand without disconnecting the supply;
    • SineWave adapts automatically to any single-phase or three-phase load: computer load, variable speed drives, etc. It is compatible with any type of neutral systems.


    By neutralising harmonics SineWave eliminates:

    • nuisance tripping of circuit-breakers,
    • Premature ageing of equipment.

    By correcting the cos., SineWave allows:

    • energy savings,
    • Full compatibility of generator sets with capacitive loads