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EcoStruxure Machine Expert

A single software environment

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EcoStruxure Machine Expert (formerly known as SoMachine and SoMachine Motion) is the unique & collaborative software that saves engineering time through intuitive machine programming with one of the most modern and powerful tool-based software concepts on the market

EcoStruxure Machine Expert
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    Intuitive automation becomes reality with EcoStruxure Machine Expert

    EcoStruxure Machine Expert is a unique solution software for developing, configuring, and commissioning the entire machine in a single software environment, including logic, motion control, robotics/mechatronics, simulation, diagnostics, intelligent motor and load management and drives, HMI (Vijeo Designer), IIoT and related network automation functions. Thanks to many predefined templates in EcoStruxure Machine Expert you save engineering time by applying complete libraries or even a new machine module.


    • IIoT libraries for machines (OPC UA, MQTTs, HTTPs and web API calls, JSON, SQL/Database, FTP Client/Server, Email receiving/sending with attachment…)
    • The new IIoT ready Modicon M262 logic and motion controller, the innovative TeSys island digital load management 
    • Advanced engineering:
      • Improve the team’s efficiency with collaborative engineering to enable multiple programmers work on the same project
      • Improve the code quality with Machine Advisor Code Analysis: identify pain point and reduce code complexity of the IEC application code using advanced algorithm and cloud platform
      • Automate efficiently the testing of your application using powerful ETEST unit testing framework and the project creation using Python scripts
      • Simplify the machine commissioning using webvisulation and webserver’s technology like machine assistant
      • Robotics next generation library: programming/path generation for machines with embedded robots, transformation modules for PacDrive kinematics, user-specific and third-party kinematics as well
    • Access anywhere the new HTML5 documentation from any internet smart device
    • Install the software right now in 4 clicks using the new Machine Expert “web” installer

    Controller programmed with EcoStruxure Machine Expert V1.1

    • High performance motion controllers: PacDrive LMC
    • Performance logic & motion controller: Modicon M262
    • Optimized controllers: Modicon M241/M251
    • Safety Logic controller: SLC
    • HMI controller: Magelis SCU

    EcoStruxure Machine Expert - Basic Software (former SoMachine Basic)
    Program any functionality of your machine as easy and as fast as possible with EcoStruxure Machine Expert - Basic - Schneider Electric’s lightweight software solution dedicated to Modicon M221 controller. The intuitive automation of simple machines within just four steps: Hardware configuration, programming, display configuration, commissioning – and your machine is running! EcoStruxure Machine Expert - Basic is available as free download. Compatible with:

    SoMachine V4.3 Software (former version of EcoStruxure Machine Expert) compatible with:

    Legacy software: SoMachine Motion V4.4 SP1 (former version of EcoStruxure Machine Expert) compatible with:


    EcoStruxure Machine Expert is one single software environment with:

    • One software package
    • One project file
    • One connection
    • One download operation


    Learn more about our machine control solutions!


    • SoMachine simplifies every step in the design and commissioning of your machines
    • Fastest and smallest logic controllers on the market

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EcoStruxure membantu Anda berkembang di era digital saat ini. Keputusan bisnis yang lebih baik dengan solusi IT/OT yang terukur dan terintegrasi.

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