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Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition

-Energy management system that provides power system intelligence for healthcare power distribution systems

-Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition reduces your potential financial risk by maximizing power availability performance. The system contributes significantly to reduced electrical maintenance costs. It will help optimise your power distribution and availability, to help you support operational efficiency and minimize the impact of power events on your facility’s function, reputation, and finances.

Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition
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    -StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition increases continuity of services, even for your most sensitive medical loads. It promotes a robust preventive maintenance regimen, significantly reducing the risk of outages and increasing patient safety by minimizing complications of power failure.

    StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition significantly reduces mean time to recovery in case of outage by alerting maintenance personnel in real time, so they know exactly where the issue is, as soon as it happens. Its centralized alarm engine can help prevent overload or overheating scenarios within your power systems, thus increasing patient safety. Direct interface with the electrical distribution system in the operating rooms allows maintenance personnel to troubleshoot any alarm remotely.


    Power system intelligence to improve power availability and financial performance.
    StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition actively monitors and analyses the electrical power distribution infrastructure of your dedicated facility – including MV, LV, operating rooms and intensive care units.
    With Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition you can:
    Increase patient safety by decreasing the number of unplanned outages
    Decrease the duration of unplanned outages
    Improve the effectiveness of maintenance activities
    Reduce energy consumption
    Optimize power loading of key equipment
    Reinforce patient safety through a centralised operating ward alarm system


    Manage power system efficiency to meet the demands of your hospital infrastructure