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Trio Licensed Radios

Licensed ethernet and serial data radios

Designed to provide complete, versatile and reliable system solutions for long range wireless data communications in wide range of SCADA and telemetry applications.

Trio Licensed Radios
  • Fitur

    Trio Licensed UHF data radios set a new standard for Telemetry & SCADA data radio, with serial and Ethernet connectivity plus a host of features that make them suitable for complex and demanding requirements in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint (Multiple Address Radio) systems.

    Trio Q Data Radios are suitable for use with the latest Ethernet based Telemetry and Remote SCADA devices (RTUs, PLCs) as well as providing a smooth transition from serial-based infrastructure to IP/Ethernet. Complimenting this, the Trio M-Series compact digital data radio provides cost effective dependable serial communications.

    The remote data radio modems are complemented with base / repeater stations. The base / repeater stations are available in both standard and duplicated hot stand-by versions.


    • UHF Frequency Band Coverage (400-518MHz)
    • 12.5kHz and 25kHz channel operation in one radio model
    • Designed to meet international FCC & ETSI radio regulatory requirements
    • Ethernet/Serial models hardware variants
    • Base and hot-swappable standby base station variants
    • Compatible with most industry standard data protocols. eg: MODBUS, DNP-3, IEC 870, SEL Mirrored Bits, etc.
    • Automatic frequency error compensation for years of service/calibration free operation
    • RF Data Rates: Up to 32kbps in a 12.5kHz ETSI Channel & 56kbps in a 25kHz Channel
    • ChannelShare+TM: Advanced dynamic supervisory collision avoidance system
    • Diagnostics parameters available for Tx Power, RSSI, DV Supply Volts, Frequency Error, Temperature and VSWR
    • Fully integrated into StruxtureWare SCADA Expert ClearSCADA


    Wireless communication for industrial and utility assets
    Versatile and Flexible Radio Network Design:
    • Wide range of options
    • Flexible radio system design
    • Range of elements optimised for specific requirements
    • Greater range of solutions
    Reliable and secure remote data communication:
    • Dependable radio communications
    • Premium wireless data technology
    • Wide area long range coverage
    • Enhanced redundancy
    • Secure data delivery
    • Built-in security features
    • Built for harsh and contrasting environments
    Reduced total cost of operating wireless radio network:
    • Optimal performance
    • Unique features for enhanced radio channel management and access
    • Ease of deployment & configuration
    • Powerful network management
    • Easy maintenance
    • Integrated diagnostics in SCADA host
    • Remotely monitor & configure radio system


    Oil and Gas

    • Well head monitoring & control,
    • Gas Flow Computer applications,
    • Artificial lift controller (RPC, ESP, Plunger),
    • Water Injection, Gas Lift, Block Valve control
    • Cathodic protection
    • Metering
    • Custody transfer
    • Emergency shut-down (ESD)

    Water and Wastewater

    • Pumping and Boosting applications: P1/P2/P3, Video surveillance - Treatment plants: T1/T2/T3/T4,
    • Distribution systems/Leak detection
    • Cathodic protection
    • Equipment breakdown detection
    • Water quality
    • Customer premises metering
    • Custody transfer
    • Monitoring flow / level / pressure /and temperature, etc


    • Substation automation,
    • Distributed Automation,
    • Smart Grid,
    • Renewable Energy
    • Interconnection
    • Protection / isolation
    • Re-closers
    • Relays
    • Load shedding
    • Fault indication
    • Transformer monitoring
    • Customer premises metering
    • Custody transfer


    • Mining & Minerals (MMM): Exploration, Production
    • Petro-chemical: Production, Transportation
    • Building Automation & Security: Alarm Systems, Emergency Fire & Intrusion Monitoring
    • Public Information Message Displays: Public Transport, Traffic Management, Parking
    • Agriculture & Environment: Weather, Pollution, and Soil Monitoring


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