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Linergy Device Feeders

Linergy FM, FH, FV, FC, FT

A complete range of device feeders for connecting the devices all along the rows whatever the enclosure you choose.

Linergy Device Feeders
  • Fitur

    Linergy FM : Total flexibility for outgoers (mixed functions…), easy phases balancing, numerous solution for installation, IPxxB solution, up to 200 A.
    Linergy FH : A wide range of comb busbars, to feed all types of modular devices up to 100 A.
    Linergy FV : Vertical comb busbars to simplify the headers of row cabling.
    Linergy FC : Optimized distribution dedicated to Compact NSX and INS 250 A, up to 800 A.
    Linergy FT : Various comb busbar to make your TeSys motor starter simple and compact.


    Linergy FM
    • Quick repartition up to 54 connection points
    • Maximum flexibility to balance your phases
    • No continual tightening thanks to clamp technology

    Linergy FH

    • All lengths available (up to 1m)
    • Comb busbars compatible with auxiliaries
    • Compactness up to 100 A

    Linergy FV

    • Easy to install
    • Compactness up to 80 A
    • Feeding headers


    Linergy FC
    • Fast, compact and insulated connection system dedicated to Compact NSX and INS up to 250 A
    • Solution for 3x4P or 4x3P
    • Reliable connection

    Linergy FT

    • Straightforward installation
    • High reliability connection for GV2 and GV3
    • Up to 63 A



    Designed to be used inside functional and universal switchboards:
    • Prisma P, PH cubicles up to 4000 A
    • Spacial SFP cubicles up to 4000 A
    • Prisma G floor standing and wall mounted enclosures up to 630 A
    • Prisma Pack enclosures up to 160 A
    • Spacial enclosures SF, SM…
    • Isobar enclosures up to 250 A
    • Disbo Extra enclosures up to 250 A

    * When using within Prisma or Spacial SFP , you benefit from IEC 61439-1&2 tested solutions.


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