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Digital and mechanical programmable time switches

Digital and mechanical programmable time switches

  • Fitur

    The range consists of IHP and ITA digital programmable time switches and IH mechanical programmable time switches. 

    They are used to program automatic operation of heating, lighting, ventilation…in accurate manner. 
    They control opening and closing of independent circuits according to a program set by the user by memorization of On and Off switching operations


    Efficiency at your fingertips !
    Reduction of electrical energy consumption (the installation only operates when necessary, operation during the post favorable rate periods)Increased user comfort (customization of operating periods, triggering accuracy)Enhanced user safety by using the random operating mode proposed by the '+' versions to simulate presence


    They are adapted to all application types (bell, lighting, heating, ventilation, access control...) irrespective of the sector of activity (residential, tertiary, public building, agriculture, industry, etc.)