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With Ecoreach, you will get your electrical smart devices configured and commissioned in the simplest way.

With Ecoreach, you will get your electrical smart devices configured and commissioned in the simplest way.

  • Fitur

    Ecoreach automatically discovers your smart devices and let multiple devices connected for easy configuration of smart panels. With Ecoreach, you can generate comprehensive reports as part of Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test to replace your heavy manual work. Once the panels are under operation, any change of settings made can be easily identified, and hence maintain a system consistency during the operation and maintenance phase.

    Compatible Devices
    • Masterpact NT/NW (IEC and UL) circuit breaker
    • Compact NSX100-630 (IEC)
    • Compact NS630b-3200 (IEC) circuit breaker
    • Acti 9 Smartlink
    • Power Meter 5500 series


    • Automatic device discovery
    • Graphical representation of Communication architecture
    • Communication Test & Report
    • Device Check up & Control
    • Comprehensive Project report
    • Firmware compatibility Matrix
    • Firmware Upgrade
    • Settings consistency check
    • Safe and secure project storage in cloud

    PC & Software requirements

    Processor- Intel ® CoreTM 2 Duo CPU at 3.00 GHz
    RAM - 4 GB
    System type- 64 bit / 32 bit
    Operating system- Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10


    Set-up and Testing

    • Automatically discover all smart devies in a smart panel and build a project
    • Run a communication test and ensure proper wiring
    • Generate reports as part of Factory Acceptance test reports


    • Multiple devices configuration using the same software reduces setting and commissioning time
    • Device checkup to ensure all measurement values are proper and to check the modules connected
    • Generate comprehensive project report as part of site acceptance test report


    • Identify setting inconsistency of electrical system due to changes during operation, and take necessary corrective actions.
    • Schedule maintenance activities based on device status & log reports
    • Check firmware compatibility regularly and upgrade the device firmware