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Wireless energy sensor

Bagian dari PowerLogic

PowerTag® is a compact and easy-to-install Class 1 wireless communication energy sensor that monitors and measures energy and power in real time. Designed for new or existing installations in the residential, small business, and commercial building segments, PowerTag sends alerts in the event of an electrical anomaly, so now, home owners can enjoy peace of mind and business owners can count on operational efficiency and uptime.

  • Fitur

    • A compact design: PowerTag™ is the smallest wireless energy sensor on the market.
    • Easy installation: Simply plugs onto the protection device. No additional Din rail space required and no need to replace existing panel.
    • Wireless communication: As the only wireless energy sensor on the market, PowerTag communicates wirelessly via the gateway. 
    • A class 1 energy sensor: Its values are measured in accordance with the IEC 61557-12 standard, to provide real-time data on:
      ·       Phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltage
      ·       Current per phase
      ·       Active / Reactive Power, total and per phase
      ·       Apparent Power total
      ·       Power factor
      Real-time alarms are sent directly to smartphone or email - in the event of voltage loss or overload trips.
    • A complete range of energy sensors for loads up to a rating of 630A.
    • Easy commissioning: PowerTag is automatically detected by the gateway during commissioning.
    • A single gateway can communicate with up to 100 PowerTag units.


    • PowerTag plugs straight onto the circuit breaker or protection device and is cost effective since it requires no additional space – which also means no change to the switchboard footprint.
    • With no need for additional communication cables, PowerTag plugs directly onto the circuit breaker and communicates wirelessly with the gateway, thus reducing the risk of cabling errors.
    • Wireless communication simplifies switchboard wiring and commissioning, and allows flexibility in installation.
    • No need for cabling means installation time is up to 90% quicker.
    • Monitoring and management: Provides accurate insight into the health of strategic assets and helps to optimize energy usage. Improved operational efficiency, reduced risk of downtime, and full peace of mind. 
    • Suitable for retrofit applications: bringing connectivity to new or existing installations.
    • PowerTag lets you monitor your installation at every level, from the incoming circuit breaker to the final electrical load.
    • Commissioning is effortless, thanks to the gateway’s dedicated commissioning application


    Suitable for use in a wide range of buildings, PowerTag can be installed in new buildings or in existing panels.

    Using PowerTag in conjunction with Wiser, (Schneider Electric’s smart home solution - which includes app and IP module), home occupants can keep an eye on energy usage, and be notified in the event of an electrical anomaly, for maximum peace of mind.

    Small Businesses:

    Using PowerTag as part of the EcoStruxure Facility Expert for Small Business solution (which features the Facility Expert SB App and Acti9 PowerTag Link C), small businesses are perfectly equipped to monitor and reduce the risks associated with their business-critical equipment, 24/7. So, now, businesses can monitor and compare their energy usage, maintain operational uptime at all times.

     Commercial Buildings:

    As part of the Acti9 communication system, PowerTag can be connected to EcoStruxure solutions or to any other building monitoring systems (BMS) or SCADA system. Through this powerful solution, facility managers can easily monitor their entire low voltage usage and optimize their load management. What’s more, this solution enhances operational efficiency, enables preventive maintenance for buildings, and reduces the risk of issues related to critical applications.


    • System PowerTag and Smartlink in panelboard
    • PowerTag 3 poles + neutral up
    • PowerTag A9 P63 3P+N Top
    • PowerTag 1 pole + neutral down
    • PowerTag 1 pole
    • PowerTag A9 F63 1P+N
    • PowerTag 3 poles + neutral down
    • Energy sensor Powertag NSX 3P 250A max
    • PowerTag 3 poles

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