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    Solusi infrastruktur fisik dan perangkat lunak terintegrasi untuk pusat data Anda.

    Penyedia Layanan Kolokasi

    Solusi infrastruktur fisik dan perangkat lunak terintegrasi untuk pusat data Anda.

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    Perangkat TradeOff Pusat Data

    Optimalkan ruang pusat data Anda dengan memanfaatkan perangkat-perangkat di bawah ini. Perangkat TradeOff
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    • Overcome Colocation Challenges with Schneider Electric

      When you own a colocation facility it’s hard to differentiate yourself from the competition, but with Schneider Electric you can. How? By facing your challenges head on by increasing speed to market, lowering operating costs, and minimizing risks.
    • How Schneider Electric is Helping Cloud and Co-location Service Providers Meet Their Business Requirements

      Estelle Barre, VP, Segments, talks about some of the ways that Schneider Electric is helping its customers in fast moving and high growth segments to attract new business.
    • Why Choose Schneider Electric for Colocation?

      What value do we bring to the colocation market? We develop the solutions needed by our customers to respond to all of their challenges. Our portfolio includes colocation reference designs, data center modular solutions, and data center life cycle services for operational excellence.
    • Executive Overview on the Colocation Industry and Market Landscape

      Whether you're a new or established business, you're certainly facing unique business challenges.  By partnering with Schneider Electric for your colocation data center, you can gain a competitive edge in the market.
    • Schneider Electric Data Center Reference Designs

      Simplify and shorten data center projects with our reference designs. These easy-to-use project planning tools offer documented and validated plans detailing how physical infrastructure systems are configured and laid out.
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