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    Electric vehicle charging solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

    Small-Medium Business (SMB)

Beautiful woman charging an electric car


Attract new customers and give them a reason to frequent your business. Today online shopping makes it difficult to encourage more foot traffic. EV charging in your parking lot puts your business on the radar, offering a competitive advantage and customer incentive that can boost your bottom line.
  • Solutions

    EVlink is your source for all your EV Charging needs, with the most comprehensive line of products and services to help you find the right charging station to meet your needs (and your budget).
    • EVlink Basic:  Level 2, non-networked charging station with optional localized RFID model offers a convenient, low-cost EV charging solution. 
    • EVlink Cloud Connected:  Level 2, network connected charging station offers enhanced accessibility & convenience for EV drivers,  and more visibility, control and data insights for Station owners.
    • EVlink DC Quick:  Level 3, fast charging station delivers a full charge in less than 30 minutes.
    • Service Packages:  Tiered services for EV Charging Stations that offer ongoing preventative maintenance, extended warranty, and critical turnaround services to ensure optimized performance of your stations; maintenance services available for third party stations.
  • Value Proposition

    • Level 2 charging allows many EV drivers to top-off charge in just 2-3 hours, or get a full charge in just 4-6 hours. 
    • Level 3 charging for fleet vehicles that only have 30 mins or less to recharge and get back on the road.
    • Cloud Connected, networked stations combine payment and energy management capabilities, while giving your facility total control and visibility to manage stations remotely.
    • Basic stations offers a cost-effective alternative to networked stations that can limit access to RFID cardholders so you can offer this as an exclusive benefit for you employees and visitors, without the additional cost for network connectivity.
  • Differentiation

    • Modern design of EVlink stations allows for unique branding opportunities on the unit itself, while proving to be exceptionally durable for outdoor all-season use.
    • Employees can bring the power of EVlink to their home garage, with EVlink Home EV Charging Stations. 
    • Wall mount or pedestal mount models make it easy to install EV charging into any environment (and budget); wall mounted stations often minimize installation costs.
    • Peace of mind with on-site services for your EV Charging Stations - EVlink or other - supported by a world class network of field service engineers.
Discover the Power of EVlink Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions


Discover more EVlink solutions for EV charging everywhere.

EVlink electric vehicle (EV) charging stations offer convenient ways for EV drivers to get charged at home, at work and all other public and private facilities. Our comprehensive line of products and services make it possible for any facility to implement EV charging so you can deliver real customer value, without having to sacrifice operational efficiency. So whether you’re just getting started, or planning for expansion, let our team of experts help you make the most of your energy with a reliable, scalable, and affordable EV charging solution.


  • Electric vehicle charging station

    Simplified payment processing allowing public access with SwipePass Credit Card or ChargePoint Card

  • On-site Services for all Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    On-site Services for all Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Electric vehicle charging station

    Unique branding opportunity on the unit itself with customized decal

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