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    Food & Beverage

    Hungry for green Efficiency?

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- Feeding a larger number of people
- Distributing healthier and safer products
- Meeting the changing habits and tastes of consumers
- Adapting to raw materials and energy cost variations
- Designing more environmentally friendly factories and supply chain
- To face these rising challenges, Food & Beverage industrials must combine competitiveness and responsibility without any compromise.
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  • Solutions

    By 2050, the world will be a different place. Business-as-usual is no longer an option. We must create a new green Efficiency paradigm
  • Value Proposition

    Better food, for more people, using less of our common planet

    We help improve sustainability, efficiency and traceability of Food & Beverage operations.

    We make Sustainable Efficiency a reality, today.

    Being the Global Specialist in Energy Management and leader in F&B manufacturing Operation Management

  • Differentiation

    As the Global Specialist in Energy Management™, and the leader in Food & Beverage Manufacturing Operation Management, Schneider Electric makes Green Efficiency a reality, today
Two workers discuss beverage facility management
Food & Beverage main sub-segments
The leading global ingredients, food, beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers rely on Schneider Electric to help manage preparation, making batching and packaging operations, resulting in better manufacturing performance, quality, productivity and sustainability.
Our main focus is on:
Baked goods and confectionery
Grains, cereals and ingredients
Sugar, Oil and bio-fuels
Other food products


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    Performa Energi
    Tingkatkan keberlanjutan dari operasi Anda dan tekan biaya energi dari produksi hingga 30%
  • A man viewing a machine near a conveyor belt.

    Menghasilkan efisiensi 
    Upayakan nol limbah (zero waste) seiring dengan meningkatnya fleksibilitas pada operasional pabrik Anda
  • Technicians at their station, sustainability reporting.

    Distribusi Listrik Pintar
    Meningkatkan keamanan, ketersediaan dan fleksibilitas dari listrik pada keseluruhan siklus hidup pabrik
  • Dairy cows grazing, food and beverage.

    Optimasi Rantai Pasokan
    Memberi visibilitas penuh pada rantai nilai, meningkatkan hasil secara keseluruhan dan menekan biaya logistik
  • Conveyor belt filled with bread, machine control, food and beverage.

    Kepatuhan terhadap Keamanan Makanan
    Memastikan kepatuhan terhadap keamanan makanan dan menjaga ekuitas merek dan nilai dari pemangku kepentingan
  • A man fixing a part inside of a machine.

    Layanan Lapangan yang Disesuaikan di dekat Anda
    Meningkatkan ketersediaan dan kinerja dari aset sepanjang siklus hidupnya
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