WebPageGenerator (WPG) Utility
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WebPageGenerator (WPG) Utility

Webpage Generator (WPG) is a unique tool that creates web pages for real-time and historical information from power monitoring, control and circuit protective devices. Utilizing the embedded web server in the PowerLogic Series 3000 or 4000 Circuit Monitor with Ethernet Communications Card (ECC21), PM8ECC or the PowerLogic Series 400 Ethernet Gateway (EGX400), the WebPageGenerator creates web pages and loads them to the embedded web server. With no knowledge of HTML or JavaScript, a user can create a complete web-based interface for his power equipment. WebPageGenerator 3.5 offers several enhancements over the previous version. In addition to supporting all standard power monitoring, protection and low voltage motor control devices, WebPageGenerator 3.5 now supports the following devices: *PM8ECC. Another great new feature of WebPageGenerator 3.5 is support for the SNA standard Auto-Throwover scheme. Now you can link to a new Auto-Throwover home page and view a graphical one-line display of key parameters in real-time. The WPG allows the user to select either Main-Main or Main-Tie-Main configurations and enables the user to define each main source (Source 1, Source 2, Main, or Generator). An Online Documentation link has been added to the home page, provided by WebPageGenerator 3.0. The Online Documentation link allows you to customize each link to facilitate navigation to the desired documentation. Minimum System Requirements- Windows XP, 2000(SP2), NT 4.0, or 98 SE- Internet Explorer 6.0 or later- 30MB of available hard drive space. Supported Devices - All standard Power Monitoring, Protection, and Low Voltage Motor Control Devices are supported by the WPG. Language Support - English, French, German and Spanish. Installation - Download WPGv3.8.exe by clicking the link under “Files” below. If a previous version of WebPageGenerator is installed on your PC, please uninstall the old version to prevent conflicts with this new version. Earlier versions of W"







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