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ClearSCADA: Redundant Servers Upgrade Procedure

Published date: 14 May 2019

This article outlines the suggested steps to take for upgrading redundant ClearSCADA servers.  At the time of this writing the current version of ClearSCADA is 2017 R2.

Follow the Instructions on the Resource Center

Open a Web browser and navigate to the Schneider Electric Resource Center.  The link for ClearSCADA 2017 R2 is here:

Under the 'Further Information' section, click on the Upgrade Strategy link.

Locate the 'Upgrade a Multi-Server ClearSCADA system' section on the page and follow the instructions

While executing these steps, ensure that the following is observed:

- Check the compatibility matrix prior to upgrading to ensure that the Standby servers will sync to the MAIN once upgraded.

- Upgrade the Standby server first

- Prior to installation, ensure that the following items are shut down/closed
  • ClearSCADA server
  • ClearSCADA server icon
  • ViewX
  • ClearSCADA service manager

- Run SetupLauncher from an 'unzipped' folder

- Restart the ClearSCADA server and ensure the server synchronizes to the MAIN server.  The server icon should turn a light blue

- Repeat these steps for other Standby servers

- Shut down the MAIN server and ensure that the Standby server takes over as MAIN

- Repeat these steps for the (previous) MAIN server

Special Notes regarding the Upgrade Procedure
  • If upgrading from ClearSCADA 2013 R2 or newer, follow the steps above
  • If upgrading from an older version, upgrade to ClearSCADA 2013 R2 first
  • Ensure that the license file/license dongle is updated prior to upgrading ClearSCADA
  • The USB license dongle MUST be removed during the upgrade of the software
  • The ViewX client on the ClearSCADA server PC will be upgraded automatically

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