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EcoStruxure Machine Expert (SoMachine) project upgrade to v4.1 or higher build message - Please use CIA405.GET_STATE instead of GET_STATE

Published date: 09 May 2019

If I open my project last saved in SoMachine v3.1 in SoMachine v4.1 or higher and build the project, I see the message "Please use CIA405.GET_STATE instead of GET_STATE…". 
Another build message that may appear associated to the above message is:
C0032: Cannot convert type 'INT' to type 'BOOL' 
(about the Timeout pin of the GET_STATE function block)

How do I resolve this?

Product Line
EcoStruxure Machine Expert (SoMachine v4.1 or higher)

PLC Configuration software in Windows

In v4.1 or higher, the "GET_STATE" function is no longer unique and must be associated to the CAA CiA 405 library explicitly in all declarations in the project.

Use the Find (Ctrl+F) functionality in the project and find all instances of "GET_STATE" and "DEVICE_STATE" respectively and perform the following modifications:
  1. In all declarations of the "GET_STATE" function block in the project, add the explicit namespace prefix "CIA405." to have a final result of "CIA405.GET_STATE"
  2. In all Declarations of "DEVICE_STATE" (which is an ENUM used in GET_STATE), this must also be explicitly declared with the namespace prefix "CIA405."
    For example,"MyState : DEVICE_STATE" must now be declared "MyState : CIA405.DEVICE_STATE"

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