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How to individually change a locked parameter inside an instance object ( Full Scale parameter for example ) derived from a template in ClearSCADA ?

Published date: 16 September 2019

The following example shows a parameter field "Full Scale" which is locked at all instances and to be edited for every instance derived from the same template.
  1. Locate the main template, and its instances which has the blocked parameter.

  2. Right click on the main template "GTemp1" > select "Edit Property Overrides".

  3. Property override window will open, Containing all objects inside the template.

  4. From the upper right corner, Press "Select" to add "Full Scale" to be overridden in the template instances.

  5. Under Analog Point 1 object > Analog point tab > Select "Full Scale".

  6. You will notice that "Full Scale" parameter will be added in the override window.

  7. Go to each instance > Analog Point 1 > under Analog point tab > you will see that "Full Scale" becomes active and changeable in each instance.

    Please note, there are some properties that are not recommended to be overwritten such as Document Content for mimics.

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