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Vigirex RH10MP-RH21MP-RH99MP-RH197-RHU

Residual current relays and toroids. Vigirex is a comprehensive range of earth leakage protection and indication devices

Part of Pact Series

Residual current device

Vigirex  RH10MP-RH21MP-RH99MP-RH197-RHU
  • Features

    • Earth leakage protection and/or indication function
    • Supply voltage:up to 525 V AC, 12 to 48 V DC
    • Available in DIN format and flush-mounted (format 72X72)
    • Wide setting and operating range
    • Operation guaranteed in less than 40 ms
    • Reduced tripping tolerance: between 0.8 and 1xIΔn
    •  RMS measurement of earth leakage currents
    • Surge category:level IV
    • Class 2 device on the front panel
    • Test and reset buttons on the front panel of the device
    • Optional live testing with or without tripping
    • Extended range of compatible sensors up to 3200 A:A type closed toroids, OA type split toroids and rectangular sensors
    • High electromagnetic immunity (EMC)
    • Compliance with international standards IEC 60947-2 and 5-1 and IEC 60755, IEC 60364, IEC 61000, IEC 60664, CISPR 11 and UL1053


    Monitor and act in greater safety Designed to be adapted to all installation types, Vigirex is a comprehensive range of earth leakage protection and indication devices. With Vigirex, all measures are taken for absolute safety, in complete peace of mind.


    The Vigirex residual current relays, combined with a toroid, provide protection against earth leakage currents for all LV electrical network types less than 1000 V, regardless of the type of earthing system (IT, TT or TNS). They protect equipment and people against direct and indirect contact, and equipment against fire hazards.

    Specific applications:
    • Air bases (400 Hz)
    • Telephone relays
    • Radio relays
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