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Low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control up to 7300 A

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High dependability low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control

  • Features

    More than 150,000 Okken cubicles installed worldwide. 
    Manufactured by Schneider Electric or by one of our licensed partners. 

    High performance

    • Power feeder up to 6300 A
    • Motor control up to 315 kW
    • Main busbar up to 7300 A
    • Rated voltage up to 690 V

    iPMCC by Okken, the smart and advanced TVDA solutions

    • Optimize motor performance, energy efficiency, and fault prevention
    • Local/ remote real-time access, and automatic restarting

    Compliance and certification

    • Type tested as per IEC 61439-1 and -2
    • DNV, RINA, and BV marine certification
    • DEP Shell approval

    Protection and safety

    • Closed door racking drawers
    • Isolated live parts up to IPxxD
    • Thermal monitoring (Exertherm system)
    • Type 2 coordination

    Internal arc protection

    • Compliant as per IEC TR 61641 edition 3, up to 100 kA / 0.5 s
    • Arc flash detection (VAMP systems)
    • Arc-free zones

    Reliability in harsh environments

    • Protection degrees up to IP54
    • SO2/H2S resistant versions
    • 5G and 2.7G resistant versions

    Optimized and compact architecture

    • Compatibility with medium voltage equipment and Canalis power busways
    • Rear/ front access, top/ bottom connection, double-front access
    • Withdrawable, disconnectable, and fixed functional units

    Ecoreal XL software to configure and quote Okken switchboards


    Okken switchboard solutions contribute to:

    • Safety of persons, as well as reliability and continuity of service of the electrical installation
    • Return on investment by helping make electrical networks reliable, while improving energy efficiency

    Performance and intelligence for safety, reliability, and energy efficiency.
    Worldwide services and localized support: training, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.
    Green Premium TM equipment


    Low voltage switchboards for large industrial sites and commercial buildings, and critical processes.

    • Oil & Gas, Chemicals industries, including offshore
    • Marine and offshore industry
    • Mining, Minerals, Metals & Cement industries
    • Water & Wastewater industry
    • Data centers infrastructure
    • Healthcare infrastructure
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Commercial buildings


    • PolyFast ® System
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