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MiCOM C434

Bay Unit for Control and Monitoring

Part of PowerLogic


MiCOM P436 and MiCOM P438
  • Features

    MiCOM C434 is a cost-effective modular bay control unit and designed for the control and monitoring of bays.

    The scope of information handled by the MiCOM C434 is designed for the control and monitoring of up to 24 electrically operated switchgear units equipped with electrical checkback signalling located in the bay of a medium-voltage substation or a non-complex high-voltage station.

    External auxiliary devices are largely obviated through the integration of binary signal inputs and power outputs that are independent of auxiliary voltages, by the direct connection option for current and voltage transformers and by the comprehensive interlocking capability. This simplifies handling of the protection and control technology for a switchbay from planning to commissioning.

    During operation, the user-friendly interface facilitates setting of the unit and promotes safe operation of the substation by preventing nonpermissible switching operations.
    Providing identical user interfaces as the combined protection and control devices (One-Box Solutions) of the same range, MiCOM C434 is ideal to complete protection and control solutions in substations on bay level.

    For the selection of the bay, the MiCOM C434 offers a wide range of predefined bay types and allows loading a user-defined bay type.

    The comprehensive set of integrated communication protocols facilitates the connection to a substation control system and a RTU, as well as the data transmission for serial connected devices (IEDs, Intelligent Eletronic Device).

    The modular design of MiCOM C434 with an application-matched complementary fitting offers the user a flexible concept for an easy integration of the control device in the substation. MiCOM C434 offers both flush-mounting case for racks or control panels and surface-mounting case 40T and 84T for wall installation with text and graphic display.

    Contractual warranty

    Period : 1 year


    • User-friendly
    • Easily configurable
    • Straightforward commissioning
    • Large selection of predefined bay types
    • Open communication structure
    • Communication interface to the substation control system
    • Remote access by operating program


    • Easergy MiCOM Px30 - 84TE - New graphical HMI
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    • Easergy MiCOM Px30 - 84TE - New graphical HMI
    • Easergy MiCOM Px30 - 40TE - New graphical HMI
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