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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Fiber Manager

Map, design, report, plan, and manage your communications network

EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Fiber Manager delivers your fiber optic network information in a seamless data fabric for mapping, planning, designing and managing. Get an accurate inventory of underground structure networks, their capacity and utilization, along with robust productivity tools for managing your assets.

EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Conduit Manager
  • Features

    Map, plan, design and manage your fiber optic network for optimum performance.

    • Get a seamless, map-based data format that can be traced and analyzed for efficient network operation 
    • Network database supports the ability to manage an internal network, as well as leased fiber capacity, and includes structures like manholes, conduit and ducts
    • Network information can be distributed companywide for collaboration on corporate initiatives, such as locating installed plant, maximizing network utilization or marketing opportunities
    • Breadth of productivity tools for faster and more efficient work include Connection Manager, Circuit Manager, OTDR Outage Trace, Location Editor, Wavelength Management and the ability to track and manage inventory of diverse devices


    EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Fiber Manager delivers a comprehensive view of your current assets, enabling you to better plan for expansions, respond to challenges and maximize the performance of your network.

    • Intuitive tools for more efficient and effective management of your entire fiber optic network. 
    • Better anticipate future needs with a more informed understanding of the present via a comprehensive view of current assets
    • Better plan for expansions, respond to challenges and maximize the performance of your network


    • Connection manager
    • Circuit manager
    • Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR)
    • Outage trace
    • Location editor
    • Reports

EcoStruxure™ for Your Business

EcoStruxure lets you thrive in today's digital world. Make better business decisions with scalable and converged IT/OT solutions.

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