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Lexium 62 ILM

Servo drives from 0.31 to 1.91 kW

Part of Lexium

Multiaxis integrated servo drives from 0.31 to 1.91 kW for automation solutions based on PacDrive 3

Lexium 62 ILM
  • Features

    Quick interconnects, hybrid cables for signal and power level, automatic network configuration, and diagnostic functions: Lexium 62 ILM integrated servo modules offer more than just compact drives. With their integrated drive electronics, Lexium 62 ILM servo modules take a flexible approach to cabling, with prefabricated hybrid cables and distribution boxes. The only elements remaining in the cabinet are the shared power supply for the Lexium 62 series and a connection module (CM), which is fully compatible with the Lexium 62 cabinet-based multiaxis servo system with quick front connection. Together, the drive and network solution form a true plug-and-play solution. The range of available network topologies includes line, tree, and daisy chain, all topologies either alone or mixed.
    Lexium 62 ILM integrated servo modules can be controlled with all PacDrive LMC Pro and Eco series motion controllers via Sercos communication. All of the system’s main components are equipped with electronic name plates that allow the controller to automatically detect and configure the drives.
    SoMachine tools form the basis for engineering, commissioning, and diagnosis of Lexium 62 ILM servo applications.

    Smaller control cabinets, less installation effort/shorter wiring times :

    • Quick interconnections and hybrid cables for signal and power level
    • Up to 90% less control cabinet space required compared to stand-alone drives
    • 70% shorter cable lengths
    • 90% less wiring required in the control cabinet
    • 50% less cable installation required in the machine
    • Automatic network configuration, diagnostic functions

    Well suited for a broad range of machines

    • Available in flange sizes of 70, 100, and 140 mm (2.756, 3.937, and 5.512 in.).
    • Holding torque range of 1.1 to 12.5 Nm (0.811 to 9.219 ft lbf, peak torque of 3.5 to 55 Nm (2.581 to 40.565 ft lbf).
    • Available options: integrated holding, feathered key groove, and multi-turn encoder
    • Inverter Enable safety input (pursuant to IEC 61508, EN/ISO13849-1) for each axis
    • Protection rating IP40, with additional shaft seal IP65
    • With an optional module, the drive electronics can offer I/O communication


    Lexium 62 ILM integrated servo modules move servo drives out of the control cabinet and into the field. Mechanics, software, and even electronics can be designed modularly.
    This makes ILM servo modules a key element in modular machine design and an ideal solution for machines with a variety of optional mechatronic modules.
    Lexium 62 ILM is fully software-compatible with Lexium 52 stand-alone servo drives, as well as the drives from the Lexium 62 multiaxis servo system.
    Together, these form the basis for one of the most flexible servo drive solutions available on the market. The Fast Component  Replacement concept, with easy mechanical and electrical installation/removal, electronic name plates on each drive for automatic configuration and automatic motor detection, offers your customers maximum reliability.


    Lexium 62  ILM meet the typical requirements of  production and packaging machinery-, as well as material handling and assembly systems.


    • Lexium  62 ILM servomodules are available in flange sizes of 70, 100 and 140 mm (2.756, 3.937 and 5.512 in.)
    • Shared power supply for Lexium 62 single and double drives,  and also for Lexium 62 ILM servo modules
    • Lexium 62 ILM servo modules require up to 90% less cabinet space as compared to stand-alone drive

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