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A generational energy crisis

The European conflict has caused an energy crisis at a scale not seen in almost 50 years, severely impacting governments, businesses, and households. With energy costs potentially doubling and experts predicting a multiyear crisis, immediate action is required. To close the efficiency gap, you must quickly reduce your consumption, peak demand, and costs.

What steps should you take? Using proven strategies and technologies, we recommend three emergency measures to prepare for this winter while positioning your facilities for greater efficiency in the future.

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The energy crisis in numbers


Reduction in natural gas deliveries from Russia.1


The rise in natural gas prices above the last decade’s average.2


Increase in electricity prices year-over-year due to natural gas shortage.3


Gas in reserve, which points to a needed reduction in consumption.4

How will the energy crisis impact you?

This year — and beyond

While this winter will be challenging, experts predict the energy crisis will continue long into 2023 and beyond. The high and increasing demand for energy coupled with a restricted supply has led some experts to conclude that this crisis could impact residential and commercial users for several years.5

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What can you do to combat the energy crisis?

Measure and monitor

If you do not have an energy management system (EMS), you are missing the critical, detailed data needed to manage energy savings. 

Here is what to do next:

  • Assess facilities to determine needs
  • Install an energy metering system
  • Connect energy monitoring and control

What have we done?

University of Nottingham

One of the UK’s largest universities uses EcoStruxure™ Building Operation for energy conservation solutions to improve campus operations and provide a more comfortable learning environment.

Using our approach, the university, by measuring and monitoring has realised ~15% energy and OpEx savings, ~30% in HVAC optimisation through automation and control, and another ~15% by better decision-making and operational efficiencies.

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Learn how you can take more control of your business’s energy consumption with our proven three-step approach to help reduce energy use and address energy waste,