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    Easy data center modernization – upgrade your old data center

    We'll analyze your infrastructure - from your UPS to your entire data center. Our Assessment Services provide options for maximized efficiency.

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    Go from OUTDATED to UPGRADED. Groovy.

    It's time to update your aging 3-phase UPS with the latest components. Extending its lifespan can reduce costs and boost uptime!

    Extend UPS life
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    Satisfied with your outdated technology?

    It may be time to replace that older UPS. The latest in uninterruptible power can increase data center capability ... and peace of mind.

    Upgrade to new
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    Our modernization services are designed to renew your data center infrastructure — from upgrading backup power and cooling to a full overhaul if needed. We’re not just about making your data center young again. We’re about making it better.

    Risks of old infrastructure

    The Mission Critical Crew: Data center solutions to make your the primary UPS working at peak performance

    Primary UPS is sad because he's old! Watch these episodes of the Mission Critical Crew's struggles and triumphs as Cooling Fan, Security Cam, Static Switch, ATS, and the Blade Servers stand by their friend ... so he becomes the uninterruptible hero he needs to be.
    • Episode 1: When a UPS is not modern enough

      In “Say Goodbye to My Protonic Compensator,” the crew deals with the risks (and melodrama) of a UPS who isn’t modern enough to handle a power spike.

    • Episode 2: Is the primary UPS working at peak performance

      In “I Used to Be Someone,” the gang must survive the test of running on backup power only. Is Primary UPS up for the task? And will he ever find love?

    • Episode 3: If a data center’s power surge is not modulated

      In “An Easy Hero,” the data center falls in the crosshairs of a nasty power surge. Can a freshly modernized Primary UPS modulate the power in time?

      Evaluating your options

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      Modernize or outsource?

      What can you do to renew your data center physical infrastructure? Learn about assessment and improvement in our e-book: "Modernize or Outsource: Evaluating Your Data Center Options."

      • Love your old tech?

        Let go of the past! If you're considering replacing your aging uninterruptible power supply, read "Guidance on What to Do With an Older UPS." This white paper will help you choose your future backup power.

        Download now
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      Solutions for critical power and cooling equipment: from assessment to data center upgrade

      We can help you define and implement the best solution to increase performance while controlling costs. Our modernization services provide you the solutions to increase your availability while maximizing your investment. They are designed to ensure your infrastructure is operating reliably and at peak performance.

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