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Modern room control

Old or new, a building must adapt to its occupants. EcoStruxure™ Connected Room Solutions modernise your building infrastructure to make expansions and retrofits easier, and improve occupant comfort. A flexible, modular solution, get integrated lighting, blinds and HVAC control for operational and energy efficiency, and add on smart building services.
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End-to-end room control solutions

Offer personalized services

Put room comfort control into the hands of occupants or guests and add more user-focused services as needed.

Adapt to workplace changes

Easily modify floorplan layout configurations with a convenient rezoning tool.

Modernize with digital

Get wireless connectivity for tenant services such as wayfinding; add smart building services like space and well-being analytics in the same infrastructure.

Achieve efficiency standards

Gain granular energy use visibility with integrated energy metering at the zone level. Reduce energy use with smart room lighting and temperature control.

Create insightful buildings

Access valuable data from connected devices and integrate it with your building management system to increase operational efficiency.

A flexible room control solution to modernise any building

Office buildings

Meet the needs of office building occupants. Offer tenants services that enable them to create engaging, personalised environments for their employees.

Healthcare facilities

Make visits to hospitals and other healthcare facilities more personal. Improve patient satisfaction by catering to their well-being needs during their visit.

Delivering value to every customer

Explore the solution

The SpaceLogic™ RP-C controller and its light and blind Expansion Modules are at the heart of EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions. Learn More about this innovative technology, and explore features, benefits and technical information.

EcoStruxure Building Engage app

Increase occupant satisfaction and productivity by empowering them to personalise workspace lighting, temperature, and blinds from their smartphones, and enhance with additional valuable workplace services.

Partner with an EcoXpert™

Trained and certified by Schneider Electric, EcoXperts are the implementation arms of EcoStruxure. Partner with an EcoXpert to install EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions.
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1. What is modern room control?   

Modern room control provides a comfortable environment for the building occupants at the lowest energy consumption level possible. The key to minimizing energy consumption is controlling the room conditions based on the actual demand, which helps achieve energy efficiency. Moreover, depending on the needs of the building, it can also include looking at the indoor humidity and/or indoor air quality, maintaining the level of light, or providing different light colors based on the usage of the room.    

2. Smart room control system by Schneider Electric   

Schneider Electric offers smart room control solutions to modernize the building. Our EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions enhance and modernize the structure of your building to make retrofits and expansions easier and improve occupants' comfort. It is a flexible and modular solution with integrated blinds, lightning, and HVAC control for achieving energy and operational efficiency. Our smart room control solutions include EcoStruxure Building Operation, EcoStruxure Building Engage app, SpaceLogic sensors, and more. You can incorporate our systems in office buildings, hotels, healthcare facilities, and other buildings for enhanced control, energy efficiency, and cost savings.    

3. Benefits of room control systems   

Room control and automation provide several benefits, including enhanced control. They offer a simpler user interface making it easy for all the users to control functions. Room control systems provide personalized services as room comfort control can be put in the occupants' hands. With this system, you can get wireless connectivity for tenant services, add smart building services to your infrastructure, increase the operational efficiency of your building by accessing valuable data from connected devices and its integration with the building management system, and achieve energy efficiency with temperature control and smart room lightning.