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    Solutions for onshore Oil & Gas production

    Artificial Lift Optimization

    Maximizing production while minimizing maintenance, repair and operating costs

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Efficient and cost-effective production in a globally competitive Oil & Gas market

Delivering maximum product in the most efficient way is key to controlling your costs and staying competitive in spite of increasing market price pressure.  Artificial lift optimization ensures that you are getting the most product possible from your wells while reducing wear and tear on equipment, which minimizes the need for costly workovers. 

  • Solutions

    Whether you are seeking to optimize a single artificial lift installation or to manage multiple wells as part of an enterprise SCADA system, Schneider Electric can help you find the right solution.  Our Realift(TM) controllers can function fully autonomously to provide worry free operation for just a few wells, or as part of an extensive remote telemetry and SCADA network, bringing remote monitoring and control of multiple units right to your desktop.

  • Value Proposition

    • Fully integrated controller and variable frequency drive, factory-built with reliable Schneider Electric components
    • Sophisticated control algorithms for fully automated pump-off control based on real time reservoir conditions
    • Part of Schneider Electric's Smart Oil & Gas Field suite of automation and control products
  • Differentiation

    Schneider Electric is a global leader in industrial automation, software, electrical distribution, energy management and field services, offering a complete Oil and Gas field solution to suit your needs.  From artificial lift optimization to wireless tank level monitoring, gas flow computers, truck ticketing, SCADA, harmonics mitigation, electrical switchgear and site security, Schneider Electric's team of expert engineers will help you build the right solution for the job.

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    Pump at the maximum rate that the reservoir will allow, without over-pumping

    Reduce power costs with energy-saving variable frequency drives

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    Monitor well production remotely, without having to drive to the well site

    Ensure that lift equipment is being routinely monitored and that production data is being reported correctly

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    Tie in with other oilfield activities; monitor product transport and chain of custody

    Ensure well site security by managing employee/visitor access