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Modicon Momentum for Unity

Entry Level Unity PLC

Momentum for Unity offers a simple, low cost, low risk, hardware migration path to Unity for Momentum customers moving from Concept or Proworx as an Ethernet PLC ideal for small applications.

Modicon Momentum for Unity
  • Features

    3 new Unity 8 Processor references with 27 types of IO Bases to choose from. 
    All CPUs feature: 333MHz CPU, 3.5 MB RAM, Hi Speed USB, RS232/RS485 Port, Real Time Clock, Memory Retention of State RAM without Battery, Web and LED Diagnostics
    171CBU78090 Unity M1, Dual Serial, RS232/RS485, RS485
    171CBU98090 Unity M1E Serial & Ethernet RS232/RS485, Ethernet, IO Scanner for 32 devices
    171CBU98091 Unity M1E Serial & Ethernet RS232/RS485, Ethernet, IO Scanner for 32 devices, Ethernet Global Data


    Low Cost upgrade path to Unity for Momentum customers
    References to match any Momentum Modernization requirement for Memory, Serial, Ethernet
    Mounts on existing Momentum IO Base
    Supports existing Momentum IO Bus Slave Bases
    Real Time Clock and Memory Retention of State RAM witout Battery replaces the need for Momentum Option Adapter
    USB interface for easy Setup, Configuration, Programming and Firmware Maintenance
    Standard Unity Diagnostic LED's
    Embedded Web for Diagnostics with Data Viewer option



    Water Treatment
    Oil and Gas
    Food and Beverage
    Power Distribution
    Material Handling
    Manufacturing Automation
    Metal Manufacturing
    Semiconductor Fab Applications
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