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Ecofit Protection Relays

Ecofit Protection Relays-

MV self powered protection solution for replacement of old protection relays

Ecofit Protection Relays
  • Features

    • This offer is designed to answer all the possible installations due to site RM6+ installation constraints with only 1 reference.
    • Type tested in a COFRAC certified laboratory for
      >Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
      >Mechanical = Choc, Mechanical vibration, Signe Sweep Seismic
    • Reach and RoHs conformity
    • Self-powered protective relay
      - The solution provides protection against phase-to-phase faults and earth faults.
      - The solution is a self-powered relay, energized by the current sensors; it does not require any auxiliary source.
      It actuates a Mitop release.
    • Phase protection
      The phase protection has two separately adjustable settings:
      - the low setting may be chosen with definite time or IDMT. The IDMTcurves are in compliance with the IEC255-3 standard. They are of the standard inverse, very inverse and extremely inverse types. The low setting may also be used with the RI curve.
      - the high setting is of the definite time type.
    • Earth protection
      The earth fault protection operates by residual current
      measurement: it uses the sum of the sensor secondary currents. Like phase protection, earth protection has two separately adjustable settings.


    Replace your VIP11R or VIP12R without being disturbed thanks to the ECOFITTM VIP11-12R solution
    • Quick replacement and installation
    • Fully type tested solution
    • Technology benefits


    Replacement of the VIP11R or VIP12R (Installed base > 25 000 units) installed on the circuit breaker function (D) of the RM6+ supplied from 1987 to 1998. Mainly used in distribution networks for MV/LV transformer protection.
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