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We serve our customers with care, consideration and respect

At Schneider Electric, we are passionate about what we do, and have a clear vision on how we should do it. We believe that great people make great companies, and great people join companies which do business in a manner that’s both ethical and responsible. Trust is the foundation of our business. Our actions, interactions and transactions build trust within the communities, companies and countries we serve. How we do business impacts many people around the world. We are a responsible company, and we pursue sustainable, long-term and net-positive business practices.

“As CEO of Schneider Electric, member of the Board of the United Nations Global Compact and President of the United Nations Global Compact France, I want to reaffirm my unwavering commitment to act with the highest standards of ethics.”
Jean-Pascal Tricoire,
CEO and Chairman Schneider Electric
  • Our Principles of Responsibility

    At every moment of truth, we must ask ourselves:
    • Are we respecting people and their human rights?
    • Are we conducting business ethically?
    • Is our behavior digitally secure?
    • Are we acting for a positive environmental impact?
    • Are we engaging as corporate citizens?

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  • Our Ethics & Compliance Program

    The Ethics & Compliance Program has been designed to support our employees’ efforts to uphold and comply with Our Principles of Responsibility.

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  • Our principles apply to everyone

    Our Principles of Responsibility apply to everyone working at Schneider or any of our subsidiaries. They are applicable to all contractors, freelancers or any person working on our premises. Further, these Principles inspire our policies with regard to external stakeholders, suppliers and subcontractors.

    What’s expected of our supply chain
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Our internal whistleblowing system 


Any employee may report any potential breach to our Principles of Responsibility through different channels: 
- Contacting  the  manager
- Using existing in-house outlets (Legal, Compliance Officers, HR representatives, …), or 
- Use the RED Line, which is managed by the Group Fraud Committee: this is the professional alert system accessible via Internet or multilingual telephone line. A professional alert system: the R&ED Line 
Red Line, available since 2012, can be used by an employee who is a victim or witness of an event that touches on ethical issues. This system ensures the confidentiality of the exchanges and protects the anonymity of the whistleblower (unless there is legislation to the contrary). 
In compliance with local legislation, this system is provided by an independent company and proposes alert categories, a questionnaire, and information exchange protocol between the whistleblower and the person responsible for investigating it. Each alert is reviewed by the Group’s Fraud Committee, which appoints a two-person team to take charge of the investigation, consisting of a Compliance Officer and an investigator from the Schneider Electric Bureau of Investigation.
Based on the findings of the investigation, management take appropriate measures to punish or exonerate the party or parties involved. The Disciplinary Committee ensure fair and proportionate sanctions and that no retaliation was taken.
Each year a detailed report with statistics (number and type of alerts by region) is presented to the Audit committee and the Group Executive Committee, which reviews and approves the preventive and corrective actions to be taken. 
Unless there are legal provisions to the contrary, the system can be used to send alerts in the following areas in every country in which the Group operates: discrimination, harassment, safety, environmental harm, unfair competition, corruption, conflicts of interest, accounting manipulation, document forgery, insider trading, theft, fraud and embezzlement. 326 ethical alerts have been escalated in the RED line system in 2018: 40% of them were related to allegations of discrimination/harassment/unfair treatment of employees. 

Our external whistleblowing system

Since 2018, any external stakeholder of Schneider Electric may report any potential violations to human right, environmental regulations and anticorruption and antifraud regulations. 

The system is supported by the same external provider than for the RED Line, and Group Fraud Committee, Compliance Officers and Bureau of Investigation are in charge to deal with such alerts.

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