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    EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

    Schneider Electric brings its innovation at every level to healthcare — from the emergency room to the executive suite — to enable organizations to improve operational and energy efficiency, as well as patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

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    Medicine at the highest order

    For the University of Rochester Medical Center, EcoStruxure™ helps to deliver a high performance building for high performance medicine.

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    Thrive at every level

    Click through our virtual tour to learn how Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare enhances safety, comfort, and efficiency.

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    EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

    By 2050, the world’s population over age 60 will double. Healthcare facilities are already struggling to find money. Where will they find the resources to care for more patients? EcoStruxure for Healthcare we help healthcare facilities do more with less.
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    • אייקון האיש הכחול מספר האנשים בגיל 60 ומעלה יוכפל עד 2050.
    • צלמית גרף כחול עולה צריכת האנרגיה בארגונים רפואיים גדלה ביותר מ-35% מאז 1995.
    • אייקון המחבר הכחול עלות הפסקת חשמל לא מתוכננת היא מיליון דולר ליום לבית חולים ממוצע.
    • אייקון המנעול הכחול בתי חולים נמצאים בהפסד ממוצע של 10% של נכסי בית החולים שלהם בגלל גניבות או 52 מיליון דולר בשנה.
    • צלמית כחולה עבור אנרגיה בתי חולים הם המבנים השניים שצורכים הכי הרבה אנרגיה.
    • אייקון כחול לקסדה בתי חולים הם המתקנים המורכבים ביותר לבנייה ולתפעול.
    • EcoStruxure™ Success Stories University of Rochester

      Improving the health of URMC's electrical infrastructure with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor.

    • EcoStruxure™ Success Stories South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

      With the help of Schneider Electric, SAHMRI is building a highly intelligent, world-class facility to meet the rising demand for both health and medical research facilities.

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    • EcoStruxure™ Success Stories Moorfields Eye Hospital

      Schneider Electric helps Moorfields Eye Hospital thrive at every level with EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare solutions that improve operational efficiency and patient safety.

    • EcoStruxure™ Success Stories Nemours Children’s Hospital

      Discover how Nemours Children’s Hospital utilizes a network of Schneider Electric to ensure that they can provide a lifesaving environment that feels like home.

    • The song that saved the world

      Schneider Electric shows how an engineer in a hospital, with a bit of foresight, saved the world.

    • Through calm or chaos

      Ensure safety, reliability, comfort, and improved financial health, with innovation at every level.

      • EcoXpert™ Partner Program

        Our mission is to ignite growth and enable success for our EcoXpert partners. Together we deliver best-in-class services and solutions to our customers.

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