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    Case Study

  • Puri Has Country's First Wireless Surveillance

    Schneider Electric’s CCTV Based City Surveillance, Dial-100 System, Smart Grid & Command Control in Puri for Nabakalebara 2015

Business Issue:

  •         Rathyatra, a yearly ritual followed by devotees at Puri in the month of July. This year the Nabakalebara 2015 which came after 19years &          fetched a crowd of more  than 4.5 million as against the Puri population of 0.4 million. Puri City (Police & Electrical Utility) had a big task in          hand to take care of below listed concerns… 
  •         Central Monitoring of Lord Jagannath Temple from Inside, Outside, All four Gates & Corners, All Roads across Temple to control crowd          influx, verify abandoned objects. 
  •        The Rathyatra Procession covers a distance of 2.5Kms on Grand Road which is of 180ft wide. On the day of Rathyatra there will be more          than 4 million crowd on the Grand Road itself.
  •        The entire stretch of 2.5 Kms on Grand Road for Crowd Management & all entry points of Puri City for Vehicle Management 
  •        Erection of Central Disaster Management Center for swift action. 
  •        Check crowd movements to avoid stampede like situation. 
  •        24 X 7 Power availability in the city 
  •     •    Centralized Control room for Electrical Infrastructure. 
  •        Customer Careb Centre for Electricity. 
  •        High quality of Power 
  •        Better SAIDI & SAIFI (Power Quality Indices)



  •         City Surveillance - In the month of Apr2015 the site activity started on war foot basis with the help of OPHWC & Puri Police. The first
             design change happened was about the Network Backbone. Customer insisted to have the entire CCTV System on Wireless Network
             Backbone to reduce the dependency on wired network. Accordingly the Site Activities started for placement of Pelco Cameras, Poles,
             Mast, Wireless Devices, Cables & Accessories inside the Temple & all across the Puri City.
  •         Smart Grid – CESU (Puri Discom) as part of Puri NakakolobarProject was looking for Automating the complete Electrical Infrastructure in           Puri Town. It Included  40000 consumers with 10 substations of HV/MV distributions, total 400 numbers of Distribution transformers, 350           numbers of Ring Main Units. Schneider supported CESU in automating all these equipments. These all  communicated on Fibre optic           network with the Central Command Centre. With the implementation of this kind of Solution they could achieve their Objectives effectively.           Apart from Centralized Control & Intelligence, they also had better SAIDI & SAIFI (Power Quality Indices)


City Surveillance   

  •     The Schneider Electric Team with the help of respective OEM’s came up with the plan to implement the solution within 2 months.
         The below listed system was ready & operational by 20th Jun’2015.
  •     220 Cameras (Fixed & Pan Tilt Zoom Type) installed at Temple, Grand Road, Vital points across Puri City.
  •     Central Monitoring Center with Videowall was erected at Town Police Station with a sitting capacity of 15 Operators at a time.
  •     Dial-100 System for distress calls, setup & automated with the Central System for all call recordings.
  •     Command Control Center Application to do the Video Analytics for Crowd Counting, Vehicle Counting, Abandoned Object, Loitering etc.
  •     Police Control Room (PCR) vans equipped with CCTV & GPS for the coverage of city vital points.
  •     Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System to track the vehicle thefts.

Smart Control Centre 

  •     Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) & Distribution Management System (DMS) will help utility to manage the field
         equipment with more efficiently and reducing the technical losses.
  •     Outage Management Software (OMS) software along with Scada DMS solution. Outage Management software will be used to know the               outages for the HT i.e. 33KV & 11 KV as well as LT i.e. 415V through integration of the different smart grid systems.
          - Planned and unplanned outage management.
          - Work order management.
          - Crew Management through Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) system.
  •     Integration with following system for smooth flow of day to day action.
          - Geographical Information System for updating the field data automatically in the Scada DMS & OMS system
          - Call Centre / IVRS system
          - Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system
          - AVL System

Smart Infrastructure 

  •     Remote terminal units (RTU) to monitor & control  HV/MV substations.
  •     Field Remote terminal units (FRTU) to monitor & control  MV/LV substations & DTs.
  •     Auto-reclosure and Sectionaliser:- Most of the network in Puri town is Overhead network which is automated by using the intelligent                   Auto-reclosure & Sectionaliser with FRTU (Field RTU) & Fault passage indicator. These equipments will send the signal to the control
         centre and can be controlled from the Control centre.
  •    Communicable Fault Passage Indicator: - Finding the fault in the overhead network is a herculean task. This troubled can be easily solved by       the FPI by correctly indicating the faulty section in the control centre.



Puri Police were in receipt of desired benefits from the CCTV System installed…

  •    Traffic Vehicle counting helped in managing the Vehicle flow.
  • •    Similarly Crowd Counting helped in understanding the gathering points for action.
  • •    Crowd influx at respective Temple Gates helped Police to decide on No Entry till the time the inside crowd gets reduced.
  • •    Dial-100 & PCR Vans helped to address the distress calls from Control Room as well as at location with the help of GPS.
  • •    The Set procedures in Command Control Center Application helped Police to take action immediately.
  • •    The entire event from CCTV as well as Dial-100 was recorded for its analysis later date for necessary action or corrections.

CESU could find following overall benefits 

  • •    Only one control centre for managing High Voltage as well as Low Voltage network in City
  • •    Outages for the HT as well as LT will be managed through only one control centre.
  • •    All activities related to the HT and LT network is managed through system and SCADA DMS & OMS is totally integrated at one location.
  • •    Integrated with Call centre , Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and GIS system
  • •    Prediction of the LT faulty devises without automation of LT network which will reduce the outage time and increase the reliability of the
  • •    Utility Performance excellence.
  • •    Efficient Outage management (Planned / Unplanned )
  • •    Resource & Asset management (Crew / Maintenance) 
  • •    Improved Customer Satisfaction (Outage Information)
  • •    Reduced Outage Duration  (SAIDI)
  • •    Reduced Outage Frequency (SAIFI)
  • •    Integrated solution with SCADA / CC / IVR / AMI

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