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April 14th 2:30-4:00 PM Topic 1: Electrical House Solution (Ehouse). Topic 2 : Primary and Secondary Distribution products This session will cover - (1) Electrical House, a compact, modular and cost-effective power for your site. (2) The medium-voltage switchgear with air, gas or shielded solid insulated technologies. which can be used in a full range of primary or secondary distribution application embedded with leading protection and automation that brings IoT connectivity to your MV installation. Shailendra Somani, Pritam Mahangre & Swatantra Bhargav Download the Content
April 15th 2:30-4:00 PM Topic 1 : Protection Relay, Topic 2: Substation Automation (SAS) This session will cover - (1) All applications in medium-voltage and high-voltage protection from overcurrent or motor to complex distance protection. (2) The latest digital Substation Automation solutions with interoperability, cybersecurity and connectivity, leveraging IoT to make our life easier; collect real-time information from the field to connect to the enterprise level for enhanced asset management. Shailabh Sharma, Samson Amalraj, Renu Yadav Download the Content
April 17th 2:30-4:00 PM Topic 1 : Microgrids, Topic 2 : Network management & Smart grid topics Joint this session and learn to - (1) Combine local energy production, storage capabilities and local energy consumption points to deliver greater reliability on site and improve energy balance in the smart grid. (2) To thrive in a decarbonized, digitized and decentralized electric world through Smart Grid. Yuvraj Moorthy, Anil Kadam Download the Content
April 20th 2:30-4:00 PM Topic 1 : Cyber Security, Topic 2 : Communication Protocols This session will cover - (1) Using Operational Technology (OT), learn about comprehensive and intuitive configuration and policy tools to centrally manage the cybersecurity of your electrical network. (2) Learn about communication protocols applied in advance products offering interoperability for advance protection and control. Dinesh Giyanchandani, Kaushal Shivnani Download the Content
April 21st 2:30-4:00 PM Topic 1. Asset Performance Management, Topic 2 : AMI-Advanced metering infrastructure This session will cover - (1) A suite of cyber-secure, cloud-based digital services for your critical equipment that analysis data to anticipate maintenance needs, gain 24/7 visibility into site performance, manage critical asset performance and ensure safety. (2) Unique and comprehensive solution using  data analytics for enhanced smart grid operations. Discover how the advisor establishes a seamless integration of multiple disparate data sources Vinayak Mishra, Anil Kadam Download the Content

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