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How SCADA should understand the Unit of the Energy Value (Wh, VAh & VARh) is K, M or G in EM6400 Series Power Meter?  

Published date: 13 September 2018

For each variable configuration in SCADA you will have to specify the data format as ####.## this specify format of decimal point also you will have to put in the RAW scale minimum and RAW Scale MAX in accordance with Engineering SCALE min and Engineering scale MAX depending on the scale and decimal value SCADA will be able to display the value on SCADA.  For example if you want to read WH from a energy Meter which is having float data type from a register address 3959,  then you need to set the tag configurations accordingly in SCADA. e.g. the value of the register read in SCADA is 60 WH and if you want to show this value in terms of kWH then you need to divide this register value by 1000 so that it will show you 0.06 KWH as depends upon the datatype you have selected.

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