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After re-installation of Vijeo Citect on my system it is not communicating with other device,meters with TSXETG on Modbus with the same project backup. What is the reason for this problem.

Published date: 14 May 2019

This problem of the communication with TSXETG100 with other device occured due to the Modnet INI parameters settings in your system got changed after Vijeo Citect installation. For this you need check the previous IO Server`s VJC project backup, rename it as .zip file from .ctz . Then find the Citect.ini file and copy it to a specific location Then compare your existing server machine`s INI file using the computer setup editor >> Tools >> Compare INI option. There you need to exactly match the Modnet/Modbus parameters and copy to the current INI file and accept changes. 
Kindly refer the attached a snapshot for details.

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