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How to operate ATV71 drive in Torque Control mode.

Published date: 24 November 2019

ATV71 keeps motor torque on given value (TR1 =Aix, bus). While the torque is provided, it keeps speed within the zone defined by range ( FRH+DBP, FRH-DBN), where FRH is speed reference, at the same time.
So, speed will change within given zone and at the same time drive will try to keep requested output torque.
In case of load changes and gets the motor speed out of the defined speed zone range (FRH-DBN , FRH+DBP) somehow (generator or overload mode), the drive switches to speed regulation mode and remains at this limit speed.
Ctt : SVC I
FR1: AI1
TR1: AI2
tFr: 60 Hz
tSS: LI6
dPb: 5 Hz
dbn: 5 Hz
If LI6 is high (torque control mode), FR1=50Hz and TR1=45%, then speed will vary between 45 to 55 Hz with maintaining output torque on 45%.
Refer to attached document.

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