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What causes numbers to flash and OCF error on ATV320 drive?

Published date: 08 September 2019

Numbers flash and getting OCF error on ATV320 drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 320



The number on the display flashing means the motor current is running higher than the current limit (CLI) setting on the drive.  The current is expected to be linear to the motor frequency, so 30hz (50% speed) should be approximately 50% current. 

- Verify the motor data is entered correctly
- Verify the motor is properly sized for the drive
- Verify the motor rotation
- Check for mechanical blockages

You can try increasing the CLI, Current limitation.  Monitor the output current from both the drive and with an external meter to ensure they match.  Take note if the CLI drive state, or OCF fault happens on start up (ACC) on stopping (DEC) or while running.

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