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How i can convert the MAC address to default IP address of LTMR Controller with Ethernet port ?

Published date: 13 May 2019

he LTMR controller derives its default IP parameters from its MAC address (stored in the device’s
Ethernet MAC Address parameter). The MAC address is a unique identifier associated with the device’s
network interface card (NIC).

The default IP parameters are generated as follows:
The first two byte values of the IP address are always 85.16
The last two byte values of the IP address are derived from the last two bytes of the MAC address
The default subnet masks are always
The default gateway is the same as the device’s default IP address

Clear the existing IP address by setting the right-Ones-rotary switch to Clear IP, then cycle power.

For example, for a device with a hexadecimal MAC address of 0x000054EF1001, the last two bytes are
0x10 and 0x01. These hexadecimal values translate to decimal values of 16 and 01. The default IP
parameters for this MAC address are:
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Gateway address:


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