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What are the push button part reference for empty control pendant station (XACA**) type.

Published date: 29 June 2019

Operating heads for front mounting
Description                            Color                    Sold in lots of                        Unit reference
Booted operators                       White                             10                                               XACA9411
                                                      Black                               10                                               XACA9412
                                                      Green                              10                                               XACA9413
                                                      Red                                  10                                               XACA9414
                                                      Yellow                             10                                               XACA9415
                                                      Blue                                 10                                               XACA9416
                                                      Brown                             10                                               XACA9419

                                      NO= ZB2BE101
                                      NC= ZB2BE102


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