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How to troubleshoot in case user is not able to make connection to T200

Published date: 10 July 2019

Make sure you are following the below-mentioned steps. 

 After powering up or a Reset of the T200, it is important to wait for the completion of initialization of the COM card before connecting the USB  
cable, otherwise, the connection is likely not to work.  
When the T200 is powered up, the red “Fault” indicator lamp should flash for  
approximately 10 s and then stay lit steadily for 3 s before going out. 
Only then is the connection of the USB cable possible 
refer to the snapshot attached. 

Also make sure to switch off the Wi-FI, while using this connection 
and only use Internet Explorer 

One more important thing if the customer is trying to connect to T200 in boot mode it will not work 

Refer the attachment for further details.

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