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How does SED-CMS-P behaves on sensing motion

Published date: 12 July 2019

SED-CMS-P is a battery powered ZigBee Pro Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensor 

Battery Voltage 1.5VDC Alkaline
Battery Cell 2 x AAA (recommended Panasonic LR03XWA

1. Allow three minutes to pass for Sensor to warm-up.
NOTE: Sensor requires a three minute warm-up time before it reports any
motion detection.
2. Wave hand or object over top area of Sensor.
3. Verify LED flashes red on Sensor (Figure 3).
NOTE: LED flashing red indicates motion detected

So once it detects the motion RED LED flashes.
This sensor does not have any physical output to any lighting loading. It must be used with SE8000 series room controller to collect the motion signal.
When the sensor senses the motion.

 No, any clicking sound because there is no physical output. & we cannot disable the RED LED Flashing 

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