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How can I import security system configuration from other project in Vijeo XL

Published date: 31 July 2019

If your project's security mode is set to Distributed – Server, then you can import a configuration from another project if:

  • The other project's security mode is set to Distributed – Client, and its server settings are configured to use your project as the server; and
  • The other project is currently running on the same network.
To import the security system configuration:
  1. In the main Security System dialog, click Backup. The Import/Export dialog is displayed.
  2. Click Import from client station. The Import Security from Client Station dialog is displayed.

    The dialog shows a list of runtime projects that are using your project as their security system server. Each project/client listing includes a time stamp that shows when it last cached the security system configuration.

  3. Select a client station, and then click Import from client. You will be prompted for the configuration's main password.
  4. Type the password, and then click OK.

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