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How can we set password aging in Vijeo XL

Published date: 31 July 2019

  • Open the Security System dialog, and then click Groups; or
  • Then click on Advanced button
  • Group Account Advanced window will open (as shown below):

In the Global tab of the Project Explorer, right-click Groups and then click Groups properties on the shortcut menu.

Set the number of days before the password expires.
The number of days that a password can be used before it expires. When a user's password expires, that user will be forced to change it: when they try to log on to the project, the Change Password dialog box will be automatically displayed and the user cannot complete the logon process until they provide a new password.

This setting applies to all users in the group, although the actual aging is counted separately for each user. The aging is restarted after the password is changed, either by the Change Password dialog box as described above or by the SetPassword function.

By default, the user must choose a new password that is different from the old password. To disable this requirement, so that users can re-use the same passwords, use a text editor to manually edit your project file (<project name>.app) to include the following setting:

To make passwords never expire, set Password aging to 0.

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