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what is a difference between safety type-2 and safety type-4 of safety light curtains

The type 2 safety light curtains test their internal circuits periodically (every 500 ms for XUSL2E). If a failure appears between the two test sequences, it will be detected only after the next test. The design of these light curtains is suitable for applications where the analysis demonstrates...

Do we have DTM for ATV310 drive in Somove

ATV310 is an Easyline offer and there is no DTM available for it and it is not available on SoMove as well.It has RS485 port for Modbus communication with other devices.

How to download Schneider Standard product data sheet from Schneider Electric Website.

Please find the attached document for process snaps of finding the product data sheet with some URL for our regular products.

What is the difference between a VPIS and a VDS (SM6, RM6 power ON pilot light)?

VPIS (Voltage Presence Indicator System): According to standard IEC 61958 the purpose of a VPIS is to signal a voltage presence. If a lamp is unlit, it does not necessarily mean that no voltage is present (the lamp could have burnt out, for example). The VPIS is the standard offer. VDS (Voltage...

What is EPHO fault on Altivar 212 drive.

EPHO is output phase loss fault. Make sure that there is no output disconnects or output contactor is open before running /stopping. Example: EPHO comes when we are dropping the output contactor and when we remove the run command (Give the Stop command). The drive is still trying to ramp down the...

What is the minimum opening time & closing time for the LF Circuit Breaker.

Schneider Make Circuit Breakers are designed on mean opening time or closing time. The value is same for LF1 or LF2 or LF3 Circuit Breakers. It is linked to the operating mechanism RI used for all the LF Circuit Breaker. Mean opening time at Un : 48 ms. Mean Closing time at Un: 65 ms. Where Un =...

What are the different file extensions & its use in Unity Pro.

This document describes the different types of Unity save files (use and content) STU : Working file used during development of the application. This is the most complete file (binary, source application and database are included). The application can be saved even if it is not “generated”. STA :...

What is the meaning of DOM provided on the products?

DOM stands for Date of Manufacture of the product. For e.g. 0836 means it was manufactured in Week 36 of Year 2008. 1711 means it was manufactured in Week 11 of Year 2017.

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What is RCCB and Which type of RCCB is suitable for inverter load?

Electricity has become an indispensable part of our lives, but one cannot ignore that it comes with its share of perils to human life and property. With significant risks like electrocution and fire, protecting electrical circuits becomes necessary, and a Residual Current Circuit Breaker ( RCCB )...

How to differentiate power consumption & power dissipation .

The power Consumption in VA is Bus Current * Voltage And the Power dissipation is "lost" or wasted power, represented by the power converted to lower forms such as heat that are no longer useful in that system. In relation to a power supply the dissipated power is the difference between the input...

What will be the MTBF value for NSYCU400R.

In ideal operating condition (clean environment, ambient T° 25°C, regular maintenance) the MTBF is approximately 40000 hours for cooling unit and 45000 hours for air conditioner.

Where can i find ISO certificates for all Schneider Electric facilities.

Please find below link to download the ISO certificates for Schneider Electric facilities: http://aafr0251.fr.schneider-electric.com/global/ddi/iso/ISOCERT.nsf/WebFilter.xsp

While using wireless switch XB5 , can we increase the distance from button to receiver 'ZBRRC' using the antennas 'ZBRA1'.

It is possible to increase distance between Harmony XB4/XB5R Transmitter and Receiver unit. There is no such limitation of the antennas that can installed. But you have to actually know, how much maximum distance will be required between transmitter and receiver unit/units for your application....

What is the part number of the cable used for communication between TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card and other RS485 device.

TSXSCPCM4030 cable is required from TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card to the Modbus branching device TSXSCA50 for connecting other RS485 device on the Modbus Network. In case TSXSCA50 Modbus branching device is not used, you can connect this cable directly to Modbus RS 485 device. For this you have to...

Where can I get the datasheet for XB2BSB4LC?

Check the attach file for XB2BSB4LC datasheet.

What is the FAN part number of PVSCL25E100 Conext CL three-phase grid-tie inverter.

0J-0N-9240A is the ASSEMBLY FAN part number for PVSCL25E100.


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