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Protection Relays by Application

Schneider Electric India’s protection relays facilitate relentless protection and stability which is a must at the top-level - be it motor or overcurrent to complex distance protection. These electric relays, also referred to as differential relays are suitable for a plethora of applications across medium-voltage and high-voltage protection. Connected to a IEC 61850, it guarantees smooth interoperability and communication across both MV and HW power networks.An electric relay is an electromagnetically controlled electrical switch - an electromechanical switch. A small current is used to create a magnetic field in a coil within a magnetic core which is then used to operate a switch that can command a much larger current. With this function, an electromechanical relay or electrical relay can make use of a small current to switch a much larger current in order to make sure that both circuits are electrically isolated from each other. Schneider Electric India’s electrical relays come in an array of distinct sizes and different types purely based on the various technologies being implemented in each, although they all work using the same fundamental concept.